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Elkhan Sabziev


The paper deals with the problem of determining the location of an unmanned aerial vehicle from video and photo images taken by surveillance cameras. As the observation area is considered to be sufficiently limited, the area under consideration can be taken as part of a plane. The solution to the problem is based on the construction of a bijective mapping between the known geographic coordinates of three different objects recognized in the images and their coordinates relative to the monitor plane. To this end, the geographical coordinates of the objects (latitude and longitude) are first converted to the Mercator projection, and a bijective mapping is built between the coordinates of the objects calculated in the Mercator projection and the coordinates relative to the camera monitor plane. Then, based on the current orientation angles of the unmanned aerial vehicle, the coordinates of the projection of its position on the monitor plane are calculated, and the geographical coordinates are found by applying the inverse of the constructed bijective mapping.

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Applied problems of information systems operation
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Elkhan Sabziev, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Senior scientific researcher, Leading scientific researcher at the Institute of Control Systems


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