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Igor Ruban
Nataliia Bolohova
Vitalii Martovytskyi
Oleh Koptsev


The development of new technologies, the growing volume of data and the total consumption of content in the digital environment are changing the ecosystem of modern media. Data can be easily and completely duplicated. It brings great convenience to life, work, scientific research and other areas of human activity. However, information security issues have appeared that have attracted a lot of attention. The purpose of this article is to present a model for digital image authentication. This article proposes a model for reliable verification of digital image authenticity with a high degree of protection and parameters for assessing the effectiveness of such systems.  Reliability is achieved because the watermark is hidden not in the whole image, but in its fragment, which is most suitable for hiding the image, as well as for using anti-noise codes as a watermark. Based on the current state of watermarking methods, it is recommended to use modern algorithms and architectures of convolutional neural networks to ensure a high degree of security.

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Methods of information systems protection
Author Biographies

Igor Ruban, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Kharkiv

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, The first vice-rector

Nataliia Bolohova, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Kharkiv

Postgraduate student

Vitalii Martovytskyi, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Kharkiv

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Electronic Computers Department

Oleh Koptsev, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Kharkiv



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