Estimation the state of different agricultural cultures with use fractal analysis

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Ruslan Pashchenko
Maksym Mariushko


Absence general approaches to estimation the state of agricultural cultures from Earth remote sensing (ERS) data shows that the task of estimation changes their state is not decided to the end. The subject of the study in the article is estimation of the state of different type agricultural cultures with use fractal analysis. The object of the study is the spaces pictures satellite Sentinel-2 of different type agricultural cultures. The goal is consideration possibility the use fractal analysis of spaces pictures of different type agricultural cultures for determination changes their state. The following results were obtained. Conducted estimations the state of different agricultural cultures (corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and buckwheat) during all period vegetation with the use fractal analysis their spaces pictures. Construction the field of fractals dimensions is basis fractal analysis of spaces pictures. It is showed that the normal state agricultural cultures is characterized by the increase middle and minimum fractals dimensions (FD) on the initial phases vegetation, by achievement the most values FD on the middle phases vegetation and again by diminishing FD on the late phases vegetation. It is certain that the size middle FD it is possible to distribute the fields by buckwheat and corn and the fields by sunflower, wheat and, barley. Between itself the fields by buckwheat and corn it is possible to divide on duration the most values FD, and the fields by sunflower, wheat and barley between itself to divide the size middle FD and duration their most values practically not possibly. Conclusions. The conducted researches showed that the fractal analysis of spaces pictures allowed to conduct monitoring the state of different type agricultural cultures.

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Pashchenko , R. ., & Mariushko , M. . (2023). Estimation the state of different agricultural cultures with use fractal analysis. Advanced Information Systems, 7(3), 81–88.
Applied problems of information systems operation
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Ruslan Pashchenko , O.Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Maksym Mariushko , National Aerospace University named after N.Ye. Zhukovskiy «Kharkov Aviation Institute», Kharkov

Teaching Assistant of Geoinformation Technologies and Space Monitoring of the Earth Department


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