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Elshan Hashimov
Elkhan Sabziev
Bahruz Huseynov
Mugabil Huseynov


Research relevance When performing reconnaissance missions, a UAV system primarily conducts surveillance of the target area, locates stationary or moving enemy targets, determines their coordinates or transmits their images directly to the command post. Directing artillery fire as well as guiding missiles or carrying out target designation (illumination of targets) for high-precision weapons, automatic determination of target coordinates and their prompt transmission to the appropriate ground stations is essential. This article provides a mathematical solution to the issue of determining the motion parameters of a target spotted during surveillance of an area by a reconnaissance drone (UAV). The subject of the study in the article is UAV- rocket-artillery systems. The purpose of the work is to develop a mathematical model for determining the parameters of the target's movement using a UAV. The following tasks are solved in the article: to develop target positioning diagram; to develop a mathematical model for determining the parameters of the target's movement.  The methods used in the article are the methods of mathematical modelling. The following results were obtained: а target positioning scheme has been compiled to determine the coordinates and movement parameters; a mathematical dependence has been developed to determine the coordinates of a fixed target; a mathematical model has been developed to determine the parameters of the target's movement. Conclusions: by calculating the current coordinates of a moving target using the method proposed in this paper, it is possible to determine the coordinates of the target and parameters of the target's movement, including the direction of movement and the trajectory.

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Hashimov , E. ., Sabziev , E. ., Huseynov , B. ., & Huseynov , M. . (2023). MATHEMATICAL ASPECTS OF DETERMINING THE MOTION PARAMETERS OF A TARGET BY UAV. Advanced Information Systems, 7(1), 18–22.
Methods of information systems synthesis
Author Biographies

Elshan Hashimov , National Defense University, Baku

Doctor in national security and military sciences, Professor, Professor (Scientific Secretary)

Elkhan Sabziev , Institute of Control Systems of Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, Baku

Doctor technical sciences, Senior Researcher

Bahruz Huseynov , National Defense University, Baku


Mugabil Huseynov , National Defense University, Baku



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