Information technology for confirming property rights to digital images

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Igor Ruban
Nataliia Bolohova
Vitalii Martovytskyi


In the modern world, the image is becoming a more powerful means of communication. In the era of digitalization, people can express their thoughts, feelings, and more through images. The main difficulty of the author is always how to prove his authorship. Therefore, the development of the latest technologies for confirming authorship of digital images is relevant. The object of the study is the process of confirming the fact of the right to own a digital image. The subject of the study is the information technology of proof of authorship for digital images. Taking into account modern trends and results of using blockchain for copyright protection, this paper proposes an information technology for confirming ownership of digital images based on blockchain technology and digital watermarks to provide a reliable guarantee of copyright establishment. Proposed digital image ownership information technology using digital watermarking, blockchain, image hash function and IPFS to create a brand new decentralized ownership verification technology in the digital age of the Internet. As far as file types are concerned, this article only mentions digital image copyright management. In the future, the technology could be extended to include audio, video, and other types of media files to create a single system for verifying ownership of any digital content.

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Ruban, I., Bolohova, N., & Martovytskyi, V. (2022). Information technology for confirming property rights to digital images. Advanced Information Systems, 6(1), 118–123.
Applied problems of information systems operation
Author Biographies

Igor Ruban, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor, The first vice-rector

Nataliia Bolohova, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Postgraduate, Assistant of computer departments

Vitalii Martovytskyi, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Аssociate professor, Аssociate professor of computer departments


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