Specialized programmable calculator for laboratory test clinical informativeness estimate

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Svitlana Gadetska
Valeriy Dubnitskiy
Alexander Khodyrev


The purpose of the work is to develop a specialized software calculator for assessing the clinical informativeness of laboratory tests. Methodological basis for calculator development served one of evidence-based medicine methods – two-by-two table analysis. Calculator gives to medicos an instrument to estimate laboratory test diagnostic value criteria on the basis of MS Office package in any version. Developed guidelines permit users with minimum MS Excel proficiency to create respective calculator themselves. Specialized programmable calculator consists of two units which may operate in any succession by user’s choice. Two-by-two table analysis has been developed that. It is based on the criterion c2 and determines the statistical significance of the diagnostic quality assessment of the test. A block for determining indicators of clinical informativeness of the test has been developed. These indicators are as follows: priori probability of malady; clinical sensitivity; clinical specificity; probable value of positive result; probable value of negative result; diagnostic efficiency; likelihood ratio of positive result; likelihood ratio of negative result. Final conclusions and professional interpretation of calculation results should be made by specialists in medical-biological research.

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Gadetska, S., Dubnitskiy, V., & Khodyrev, A. (2020). Specialized programmable calculator for laboratory test clinical informativeness estimate. Advanced Information Systems, 4(2), 80–84. https://doi.org/10.20998/2522-9052.2020.2.12
Methods of information systems synthesis
Author Biographies

Svitlana Gadetska, Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Kharkiv

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Higher Mathematics

Valeriy Dubnitskiy, Kharkiv Educational Scientific institute SHEI “University of Banking”, Kharkiv

PhD in Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Senior Researcher

Alexander Khodyrev, Kharkiv Educational Scientific institute SHEI “University of Banking”, Kharkiv

Senior Instructor of the Information Technologies Department


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