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Azad Agalar oğlu Bayramov
Vugar Mammadhuseyn Mammadov


As it is known, the investigation of enemy forces, time of the outbreak of hostilities, direction and the kind of activities are the tasks of military reconnaissance. For the purpose of investigation of the directions and fields of gathering of the reconnaissance information, revealing an importance of enemy activities the reconnaissance indications are determined. The reconnaissance indications are determined in accordance with tactical activities (assault, counter-offensive, defence, etc.). The formation of a base of the reconnaissance indications is offered for application these indications in the future. In the paper, the method of conclusion in accodance with reconnaissance indicators has been considered. The method of construction of the algorithms conclusion based on the results recipience of reconnaissance data processing has been offered for solution of the reconnaissance tasks.

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Bayramov, A. A. oğlu, & Mammadov, V. M. (2020). CONCLUSION ALGORITHM BASED ON THE RECONNAISSANCE DATA PROCESSING RESULTS. Advanced Information Systems, 4(2), 5–7.
Identification problems in information systems
Author Biographies

Azad Agalar oğlu Bayramov, National War College of Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic; Control Systems Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Baku

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Vugar Mammadhuseyn Mammadov, War College of Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku

colonel, Head of Department


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