The image description reduction in the set of descriptors on informativeness metric criteria base

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Volodymyr Gorokhovatskyi
Nataliia Vlasenko


The subject of the research is the methods of image classification on a set of key point descriptors in computer vision systems. The goal is to improve the performance of structural classification methods by introducing indexed hash structures on the set of the dataset reference images descriptors and a consistent chain combination of several stages of data analysis in the classification process. Applied methods: BRISK detector and descriptors, data hashing tools, search methods in large data arrays, metric models for the vector relevance estimation, software modeling. The obtained results: developed an effective method of image classification based on the introduction of high-speed search using indexed hash structures, that speeds up the calculation dozens of times; the gain in computing time increases with an increase of the number of reference images and descriptors in descriptions; the peculiarity of the classifier is that not an exact search is performed, but taking into account the permissible deviation of data from the reference; experimentally verified the effectiveness of the classification, which indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method. The practical significance of the work is the construction of classification models in the transformed space of the hash data representation, the efficiency confirmation of the proposed classifiers modifications on image examples, development of applied software models implementing the proposed classification methods in computer vision systems.

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Gorokhovatskyi, V., & Vlasenko, N. (2021). The image description reduction in the set of descriptors on informativeness metric criteria base. Advanced Information Systems, 5(4), 10–16.
Identification problems in information systems
Author Biographies

Volodymyr Gorokhovatskyi, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of Computer Science Department

Nataliia Vlasenko, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Kharkіv, Ukraine

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Informatics and Computer Engineering


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